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Before you can practice as a licensed real estate salesperson you must arrange for a Texas real estate broker holding an active license to sponsor you as a Texas real estate salesperson.

We now offer 100 commission real estate plans for our agents!


We offer the experienced real estate sales professional as well as the novice real estate professional the opportunity to fully capitalize on the fruits of their labor and keep 100% of your commission. Are you a licensed real estate salesperson looking for a Texas sponsoring broker?  How do you find a sponsoring broker in Texas? You just did! Click HERE and send us an email with any questions you have.

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Turn Your Dreams of Financial Independence into Reality! 


The last 3-5 years has changed traditional real estate brokerages. Most agents now are going to 100% commission real estate split programs so that they can keep the majority of their commissions. These programs are great and they offer you everything under the sun, but what do you really get from them?

These programs are fine and dandy until the agent figures out that the 100% commission real estate split program actually turns into a 75/25, 80/20 split. Then they question themselves, “Where is the 100% that I was supposed to make?” It really hits them when they add up all the out of pocket expenses they have, ranging from desk fees to purchasing marketing materials. Then the agent realizes that their overhead is really going over their heads. Depending on which arrangement the agent has, they could pay anywhere from $250 to $500 or more and that is not including the franchise fee that has to be paid. Most franchise fees range from 5% - 8% and that is what you pay on every deal including the other fees. 

Hometown Realtors of Texas LLC has a plan like no other! This plan is just for you and you are here right now for a reason. 

When you join our Virtual Office, our agents get 100% commission paid to them at closing!  There are no desk/monthly/franchise fees.  This is a breakdown of the costs, whether you choose your real estate career as a full-time or part-time professional:

Only $150 Yearly Membership Fee
Only $100 per Residential Sale
Only $40 per Residential Lease
Only $150 per Commercial Sale/ Lease
E&O Included

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